Can you export a custom field for the result of a message?

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asked Sep 14, 2022 by lewis-s-9714 (1,020 points)
While using the "export" function in the "Completed" tab, I see "Custom source message data" and the ability to specify fields, but it appears that results for the message when it's completed is not available here. I tried specifying {m:PID-3} for instance and the export button blanks out... it seems to be telling me the message results are not available. Is there some other way to get the results exported? I understand there are methods of sending data to various destinations within the mapping of the channel, but I'm hoping for something after the fact for troubleshooting something unexpected without re-submitting everything.

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You can create another destination and then populate your completed message with the data that you are wanting to filter on. Maybe a file destination with a csv output that contains al of the fields you want to review.
answered Sep 14, 2022 by michael-h-5027 (14,030 points)