Can I generate email alerts when a message hits one destination node?

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asked May 26, 2022 by jamie-t-1662 (140 points)
I am using a condition node to determine if a message has the proper data to create a full file name in the destination node.  If a certain field is blank, the message writes to a file in an "Error Queue" folder instead of an upload folder for SFTP.  

Messages with missing data are rare so I would like to set up an email alert any time a file is written to the destination for the incomplete file names.  Is it possible to trigger an alert for a single event (not an error)?


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You could setup a custom mapping function before that destination and send an email before the SFTP upload. You can send an email in any mapping using the qie.sendEmail function.

answered May 26, 2022 by michael-h-5027 (14,350 points)
commented May 26, 2022 by jamie-t-1662 (140 points)
Thank you.  This was just a matter of adding a Mapping function to use the same Boolean as the Condition used to route the file, as the "If" trigger for the email.