How Do I Use A Channel Cache Variable In A File Path

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asked Mar 4 by chris-m-3214 (320 points)
Is it possible to use channel cache variables in a source file path?  For instance, I would like to use a path like this:  \\myserver\c$\Temp\DynamicFolderTest\{cc:FolderYear)\*.csv

I'm not having success with this method.

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You can use a channel cache variable in a file path on the source node. The format that you have is very close, but it looks like you have a close parenthesis at the end, rather than a close curly brace.  Try this:


Also, make sure that you have the channel cache variable set to something that is part of a valid path.  If you hit 'Test Path' it should substitute the current channel cache value for the entry in your path, and display if it found the path or not.

answered Mar 4 by jon-t-7005 (4,890 points)
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