How do I check my socket header footer?

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asked Oct 30, 2013 by michael-h-5027 (14,350 points)
I have a channel that shows a connection on my listening socket but no files are received by Qvera.

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You can install a network monitoring tool like Wireshark and then take a look at the packets being sent and received. 

In the screenshot below:

  1. Filtered by the sending server IP address.
  2. Look at the instance that has larger length (filesize).
  3. Click on the HL7 content which will highlight the packet. 
  4. The example shows the footer of "0d 1c" but we default to "1C 0D"
  5. The header is up higher in the message and will be at the begining of the highlighted text.


answered Oct 30, 2013 by michael-h-5027 (14,350 points)
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