How do I install a driver class for Intersystems IRIS server?

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asked Apr 29, 2021 by lewis-s-9714 (950 points)
We have been connecting to an older version of the server, Intersystems Cache, using the "Driver Class" com.intersys.jdbc.CacheDriver, but we need to move to IRIS instead. I have a new .jar driver file (intersystems-jdbc-3.1.0.jar) for IRIS that should allow me to use the driver class com.intersystems.jdbc.IRISDriver. Can you help me figure out how to use it?

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Please see the following KBs for information on how to add the JAR file and how to import the Java classes from the JAR file once loaded.  If you need more specific assistance, please call into Support at 801-335-5101 x2, or email at

Importing an external JAR file

Using a 3rd-party Java library

answered Apr 29, 2021 by jon-t-7005 (4,990 points)