If there are error's in a channel, is there a function to discard/resubmit the message using a QIE function?

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asked Jan 14, 2021 by curt-v-8312 (230 points)
What i would like to do is based on a parameter (QIEmessageId) is to either discard it or resubmit it.  It would be similar to the message.discard, but you could pass the messageId and it would discard a particular one.  For example:
message.discard(12345) or:


If there was I would have the ability to email our users an error and give them the option to discard or resubmit (as long as they have that capability) right from an email.

To accomplish that i could have a listener created on QIE that listens for those requests and executes the message.discard or message.resubmit.  Or even better maybe QIE already has that listener created.  Then i can put the request link right in the email for them to discard or resubmit.

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QIE has Error Management tools built in you can use. They are in the Scheduled Scripts. Here is the KB that explains the feature and how to use it:
answered Jan 14, 2021 by brandon-w-8204 (30,600 points)
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commented Jan 15, 2021 by curt-v-8312 (230 points)
Thanks for answer, however im not looking for a scheduled script.   Im looking for an API that either can be called from outside of QIE or if there was a direct function within QIE that does it.  My guess is if there isn't a function that does it(besides the UI) then there is not going to be an API to call from the outside.
commented Jan 15, 2021 by curt-v-8312 (230 points)
After discussing this with Brandon, he came up with this as a process for me to develop that is very doable.

Add a QIE listener that accepts messageId, messageCommand and other pertinent info.  
Store that in a DB.
Have a Scheduled Script that reads that db and either discards or resolves the error every x minutes
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Ill put this answer out there in case there isn't a way to use an API.  

Give the users access to the UI to discard/resubmit messages.
answered Jan 15, 2021 by curt-v-8312 (230 points)