How do I fixed my FTP Receiver channel that throws a FTPReceiver Error: Cannot rename file from xx?

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asked Mar 3, 2020 by amanda-w-3695 (4,900 points)
After I upgraded to the 4.0 QIE build, I am getting a Permission Denied; Cannot rename file. How can I fix this issue?

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The error is stating that the FTP user does not have permissions to change the filename. This is a change in the 4.0 build of QIE to make sure partial files are not read. To get around this issue add a Custom Apache Camel parameter, readLock=changed, inside the green Source Node. This change will no longer try to rename the file, but check to see if the modified timestamp changed after waiting 1 second before downloading and processing the file.


answered Mar 3, 2020 by amanda-w-3695 (4,900 points)