How do you configure QIE to produce additional logging for SSL connections?

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I need to see additional information about why the secure TLS connection is not being established.

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To enable additional SSL logging, use the following java option:,handshake
This will cause additional log messages to be included in the qieLauncher.log.x file.
NOTE: Since this will cause your log files to grow large, you will want to disable this option and restart QIE once you have finished debugging your SSL connection.  A common way to do this, while still preserving the option for future reference is to add .OFF to the option as follows:,handshake
Other options that can be used with the java option are as follows:
all              turn on all debugging
ssl              turn on ssl debugging
The following can be used with ssl:
    record       enable per-record tracing
    handshake    print each handshake message
    keygen       print key generation data
    session      print session activity
    defaultctx   print default SSL initialization
    sslctx       print SSLContext tracing
    sessioncache print session cache tracing
    keymanager   print key manager tracing
    trustmanager print trust manager tracing
    pluggability print pluggability tracing
    handshake debugging can be widened with:
    data         hex dump of each handshake message
    verbose      verbose handshake message printing
    record debugging can be widened with:
    plaintext    hex dump of record plaintext
    packet       print raw SSL/TLS packets


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A good explanation of the TLS handshake logs can be found here: