What is today? Can I check to see if a date is today?

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I need to check a date in incoming messages.  Is there a quick function for checking if the date is today?

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Yes.  In the code wizard there is a new function:  qie.isToday(date).  Below are the details from the code wizard:

Below is a quick example that assumes today is '04/30/2018':

qie.debug('Q: Is given date today?');

qie.debug("A: for '04/29/2018': " + qie.isToday('04/29/2018'));
qie.debug("A: for '04/30/2018': " + qie.isToday('04/30/2018'));
qie.debug("A: for '05/01/2018': " + qie.isToday('05/01/2018'));


Q: Is given date today?

A: for '04/29/2018': false
A: for '04/30/2018': true
A: for '05/01/2018': false


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