When setting up the Centricity JBOSS web service in QIE How do you know what the Location should be?

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There are two ways to determine the Location value for when setting up the Centricity Web Service in QIE.

First click the Location drop down menu and select the appropriate location template for either EMR or CPS.

For CPS databases you can replace the {dbname} variable with the CPS database name.

For EMR you will need to replace the {Default} variable with the JBOSS instance name. To determine what the instance name is you can navigate to Go/Setup/Settings/Web Services/Internet Sites from within the Centricity Application and select the Centricity EMR Web Services internet site and click Change. You would then be able to see the full URL which should be matched up with the URL specified in QIE. You can either take the instance name out of this path and put into the Location field in QIE or check the check box to manually enter the URL and paste this whole URL into this field.

Note: In both cases for CPS and EMR the URL in the internet sites is not always correct. In the event the connection does not test successfully you will need to obtain the instance name by opening the JBOSS server and navigate to a path similar to 'C:\Program Files\centricity\jboss\server\default\deploy' where centricity may be a different value. Once you locate the deploy directory you will need to look for all of the file folders that end with an extension of ".ear". If you cannot see the file/folder extensions you may have to modify the folder options to "Display the full path in the title bar", "Show hidden files and folders", and uncheck the option to "Hide extensions for known file types". Once you locate the ".ear" folder the name of this folder without the extension will be the Instance or dbname used in QIE for the Location variable.
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