How to set different inactivity alerts for weekdays and weekends?

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asked Jul 29, 2016 by ramaswamy-s-6353 (440 points)
In a particular channel if I wanted different set of inactivity alerts for typical working hours during weekdays(e.g., 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM M-F) and a different alert for weekends and night times is it possible?

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Currently the inactivity alert is controlled by a single range of time. So in your question above you would need to pick either the weekday or weekend times. However, we do have an enhancement request in to add a cron string to be able to customize the times for any scenerio you desire. The enhancment request number is 2093.
answered Aug 2, 2016 by gary-t-8719 (14,860 points)
commented Sep 23, 2016 by ramaswamy-s-6353 (440 points)
Thanks for the information!