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asked Feb 25, 2016 by chris-m-8014 (760 points)
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Is an ERD or other similar documentation available for the QIE database?  It would be nice to have in order to directly query this database.

As a follow up, I am trying to find out how QIE knows what channels to start up automatically when it recovers from an unexpected reboot.  I've found the STATE column in the Channel_State table and I suspect this is how it knows.

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To help with HIPAA regulations the QIE database in encrypted, therefore querying the database directly would yield little benefit, therefore we do not publish the database schema.
We have an option in the system configuration to control the restart of channels when QIE is restarted. This option will restore all channels to their previous state (Stopped, Paused, or Started) to their last known state.

In addition, each channel can be configured with a Start Priority to allow the admin to specify the order to have the channels restarted.

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