Can I set up one channel to be seen in multiple zones and change permissions based on the zone?

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asked Dec 7, 2015 by risa-p-1914 (310 points)
I'd like to set up some of our result interfaces to be set up to be seen in multiple zones. Can we promote certain channels and database connections to Global so that they can be seen in multiple zones? I created an HIM result interface zone so that our HIM department can work on the -100 errors. I'd also like the same channels to be visible in our Allscripts live but not have the -100 errors show there so that we don't have duplicate errors to be worked in different zones. I remeber someone letting us know during training that we would be able to see a zone with all the channels and then those same channels could be put into different zones without affecting the channel count. Is this possible? We were wondering because of the communication and loggin go messages is by channel id in the SQL db.  We didn't want to just move a channel from Allscripts Live Zone to HIM Zone, but to have the channel visible in both Zones, but the -100 errors only showing in HIM.

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Channels are assigned to one and only one zone. If your intent is to expose the same channel to 2 different sets of users and allow one set of users the ability to resolve errors but restrict the 2nd set of users to a "view only" state, this can be accomplished by creating a separate Zone and moving the channel to this new zone. The first set of users would be granted "Manage" or "Edit" privileges to this new zone which would allow them to resolve errors. The 2nd set of users would be granted "View" only privileges to this zone which would allow them to view the channel and associated message counts but would restrict them from resolving errors.
answered Dec 7, 2015 by michael-h-5027 (13,690 points)