What is the purpose of the flags being sent on the Immunization Interface?

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What is the purpose for the flags being sent on the Immunization Interface?

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The purpose of the flags is to help bridge the gap between the way vaccines are recorded in the EMR and the way the Registries expect to see the data.  The registries are still making changes to the way the record data but for the most part they will start enforcing the CDC CVX code status of active or inactive. As they do they will stop accepting CVX codes that are inactive. You will have to check with your state to determine their policies.

For the most part you will get flags when a "New" vaccine is administered with an unspecified formulation. According to the CDC New vaccine administrations cannot be given using the unspecified formulations.

1. So, when you get a flag of this type the first step is to contact the state registry and see what their policy is with recording New vaccines with the unspecified formulation, and what their future policy will be.

2. If they will continue to record it in the registry and have no plans with changing that in the future then you can log into QIE and and go to the Green Source Node and then click on the Channel Cache values and add that CVX code to the "sendFlagsExclusions" variable. This is a comma separated list of CVX codes that you do not want to get alerts on.

3. If the state registry will not record that vaccine because it is inactive then it becomes a training issue to train the staff that unspecified formulations can only be used when recording historical vaccines. For New administrations they would need to pick a formulation.
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