Can you export all of the historical vaccines administered in Centricity to the IIS Registry?

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Can you export historical vaccins to the Registry?

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From a technical standpoint you can export historical vaccines from Centricity and send them to the registry. You would just enable the export task without checking the “Base exports on changes made hereafter” but…

1.       The integrity of the data should be validated as the historical vaccine may not have a full set of observation terms recorded for the administration at the time.

2.       When exporting historical data, the vaccines that were originally recorded as new administrations will still be sent with the new administration code (new administration code is “00”)  even though they were given in the past. So you should check with the registry to see if they can accept them coded this way before beginning the dump.

3.       If enabled the dump should be started on a Friday evening so as not to interrupt day to day operations as this will be a large dump of data.
answered Jul 17, 2013 by gary-t-8719 (15,030 points)
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