How to import a CSV and generate multiple HL7 messages.

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What is the best way to generate an HL7 message from each row in a CSV file.

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Use the following steps to convert a CSV message to an HL7 Message:


  1. Create the source message as a CSV message model.
    Note: Set the Record Grouping to "Row count" and include only 1 row in each group.
  2. In the first mapping node create a new message by selecting  New Message from the Function drop down.
  3. Select HL7 from the Format drop down. 
  4. Set the segments needed from your CSV message.  Each value in the CSV file is considered a  node.

    Example using GUI Standard Mapping:

    Example using code: 

    message.setNode('PID-10', source.getNode('1'));
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Thanks! That was a lot easier then I was thinking.
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Another method for handling one message type to another is to use a template of the destination message.

You can create a system variable in QIE that is a template of the type of message you would like to create that has references to fields in the source message.


Then in your channel you can reference that system variable and create your new message type .

message = qie.createHL7Message();
message.setNode('/', qie.evaluateTemplate(qie.getVariable('hl7Template')));

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