What are External Libraries or JAR files

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QIE includes the ability to dynamically load external Java libraries also known as JAR files. JAR files are pre-packaged code files that can extend the functionality of QIE to perform pre-defined functions. Many software applications will distribute JAR files that when loaded into QIE will allow the QIE user to interact with their application. For example Oracle distributes a database driver JAR file (ojdbc6.jar) that will allow the QIE user to setup a database connection to an Oracle database and perform database queries against the oracle database, and Centricity also distributes a JAR file that allows QIE to interact with the Centricity Service Layer (JBOSS Server) to get a CCD from Centricity for a given patient.

These JAR files are called External Libraries in QIE and can be loaded into QIE via the System Administration-> System Configuration->Manage External Libraries. The Jar files themselves must first be put into a folder called ‘lib’ under the directory where the QIE application is installed (e.g. C:\ProgramData\QIE\lib) before they can be enabled in the Manage External Libraries section under the System Configuration.
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