QIE Build 3.0.45.XXXX requires Java Version 1.8 or greater

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asked Jun 27, 2018 by brandon-w-8204 (31,870 points)
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How do I update to java 8 or higher?

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You will need to connect to the qvera server and do the following:

1. Stop QIE form the QIE Service Manager
2. go to to download Amazon Corretto JRE. 
     Note: Use to go to the Amazon Corretto Download Page for other OS's.
3. Once it is downloaded install it following standard prompts.
4. Update the java path in the qie service manager.

5. Click apply after the update and go the general tab and start qie.

answered Jun 27, 2018 by brandon-w-8204 (31,870 points)
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