Qvera Interface Engine

The Qvera Interface Engine makes interoperability easy

Our customers are divided about the Qvera Interface Engine (QIE).  Some think the best thing about it is its simplicity.  Some say it’s the flexibility.  For others, it’s their ability to rely on Qvera support to help them do ambitious new tasks.  But one thing you can count on: from the moment you begin using it, QIE will be refreshingly intuitive, exceptionally automated, and conducive to more custom data manipulation than any other product.

Qvera has built an interface engine from the ground up that takes a unique approach to solving interfacing and interoperability challenges. The Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) has all the power and features you would expect from a high-ranking KLAS product, and all that is required for today’s largest organizations. Yet, it’s flexible, intuitive and easy to use.  Our customers are diverse and have different technical and business challenges to meet. From physician offices to large IDNs and other Healthcare IT software and hardware vendors, they all rely on QIE to help make their jobs easier.

Not only does QIE help you meet Meaningful Use requirements, but it accommodates virtually all connectivity standards and data formats used by HIE platforms, data repositories, IIS registries, EHR, hospital and laboratory systems:  HL7, XML, CCD, CDA, ASTM, JSON, X12, DICOM,  and NCPDP, to name just a few.

A Unique and Flexible Approach

QIE Visual Channel Editor makes rapid interface development easy and intuitive. Configurations that take hours to complete in other interface engines are done in minutes inside the Visual Channel Editor. QIE’s high-degree of flexibility allows users to quickly test different scenarios within the application which is key to the user experience. Hear about how WESTMED Medical Group replaced their outdated legacy interface engine with QIE for a substantial ROI.

Comprehensive HIE/Registry Connectivity

QIE was built from the ground up by Qvera at a time when many new connectivity standards and data formats were first being used with Health Information Exchange platforms. QIE makes interoperability a snap with built-in support for protocols such as XDR, XDS, PIX, PDQ, DSUB, FHIR and many more.  For registries that don’t support these standard protocols QIE also has built-in support for all SOAP and REST web service calls. See how HealthTronics is leveraging QIE for all its customers interfacing and interoperability needs.

A Feature-Rich Platform

The Qvera Interface Engine is designed and built from the ground up to accommodate the full complexity of today’s interdependent healthcare organizations.  Its user interface is uniquely visual and intuitive, its operation limitlessly flexible, automated and self-monitoring.  In Qvera you are investing not only in an interface engine, but in a support network of consultants and innovators.  We’re determined to quickly solve any problem you throw at us.

“Qvera is the most responsive vendor we work with, while others talk about having great service and people, Qvera proves it on a weekly basis.  Qvera has been able to accomplish projects for us where others have failed… this has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.”

Seth McCrackenIT Director – Baptist Health Jacksonville

We evaluated several leading interface engine vendors to replace a legacy system, and chose Qvera Interface Engine.  After converting our existing interfaces over to the QIE platform, we have realized an efficiency with our interface development and management that we had not experienced before!” 

David YeroApplications Analyst – The Austin Diagnostic Clinic

I chose the Qvera Interface Engine as our integration and interoperability platform because of its high degree of flexibility.  I have used other interface engines and have found QIE to be easier to use, more robust, and more scalable.  It provides options I did not even know were possible.  We use a specialty-specific patient portal  that requires custom integration with our EHR and PM systems.  Using QIE, we were able to quickly and easily implement the required integration and meet our objectives.” 

Brien VokitsDirector Health Information – Desert Orthopaedic Center

“As an Health Information Exchange organization, our biggest challenge is working with the many disparate vendor systems that our customers use. For that reason we leveraged Qvera Interface Engine along with our HIE software platform to greatly boost our integration capabilities.  QIE plays a key role in onboarding customers to the HIE, and with the excellent customer service that comes with it, we have been able to bring health systems onto our HIE that previously would have been impossible.”

Phil BeckettCTO – Greater Houston Health Connect

“After years of using home-grown and open source interface engines HealthTronics is standardizing on The Qvera Interface Engine for all its customers interfacing and interoperability needs.  Our engineers have found QIE to be extremely robust and easy to use, it exceeds our expectations where interoperability is required.”

Mike FrigulettoPresident - HealthTronics IT Solutions

“When TEAM of Care set out to create a leading edge care coordination workflow solution, we decided that the critical ingredient would be a world-class rule management system.  We needed to be able to receive, consume, process, and exchange data from a huge number of clinical and financial data sources and formats.  We built around the Qvera Interface Engine.  QIE is our secret weapon.

Matt WojcikCTO – TEAM of Care Solutions

Seeing is Believing

We can tell you how great our software solutions are, but we think showing you will make you a believer. Let us walk you through a customized demonstration of the Qvera Interface Engine to show you how simple, flexible and fast it is to solve your specific interfacing, integration and interoperability needs. Request a demo today.

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