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Qvera Interface Engine (QIE)

Achieve Meaningful Use with the
help of the Qvera Interface Engine

From the original team of developers who brought you DocuTrak and the Rosetta Stone Interface Engine (RSIE) comes a new tool that will change the way your organization connects with the outside world.

The Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) is a powerful, yet user-friendly, tool which makes exchanging information between Health IT systems intuitive and easy. QIE was developed with today's meaningful use and security requirements in mind, including connectivity to health information exchange (HIE) networks and immunization (IIS) registries.

Connects to HIE Networks & IIS Registries

The Qvera Interface Engine includes a configurable web-service layer which allows easy connectivity to health information exchange (HIE) networks and immunization (IIS) registries. QIE supports the IHE profiles commonly used to connect to HIE networks and IIS repositories.

QIE also includes direct integration with GE's Centricity Service Layer. This integration gives you access to advanced CCD import and export functionality when integrating QIE with the Centricity EMR.

Meets all Applicable Meaningful-Use Security and Privacy Requirements

AES encryption of all sensitive data
All message data, user names, passwords, connection strings, etc. are stored AES encrypted in the QIE database.

Transport layer security (TLS) over the open internet
When exchanging messages over the open internet, QIE secures the message using AES encryption and sends it using transport layer security (TLS) to ensure the security and privacy of the information.

User level authentication and tracking
QIE includes a user security framework which allows system administrators to control who has access and what they can do in the system. All user activity is tracked and logged and inactive users are automatically logged off of the system.

Comprehensive audit logging
Every message that passes through QIE includes an audit log with detailed information about what happened at every step of the process.

New Scripting Framework allows Ultimate Power and Flexibility

The Qvera Interface Engine includes an integrated JavaScript scripting framework which significantly extends its power and flexibility. With QIE you are no longer limited to just a few pre-defined mapping functions. Virtually any mapping function or operation you can think of can be scripted. And, because the scripting engine is integrated at a very low level, almost all system operations can be customized using the scripting framework.

Intuitive and Easy-to-use Browser-Based Interface

The Qvera Interface Engine Console runs entirely inside your browser so there is no additional client install required. Any machine connected to the network can access the Console. And, because it is built using an interactive AJAX framework, it looks and feels and responds just like a native desktop application.

New Smart Editors

The Qvera Interface Engine includes smart editors for editing HL7, XML, SQL, JavaScript, etc. These smart editors include syntax highlighting, automated syntax validation and many other advanced editing features which make editing in QIE a breeze.

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